Political Experience

Amanda began working as an intern for SRCP Media 20 years ago. SRCP Media, develops strategic content and places advertising for GOP candidates and Political Action Groups across the country. Upon graduation from college, Amanda worked for several years in National Television Sales, selling advertising space to political clients. Amanda returned to SRCP Media in 2010 as a Media Buyer, responsible for utilizing campaign budgets, to reach key voters.  Amanda played a crucial role in Republican election wins across the country, including 6 US Congressmen, 2 Lt Governors, 1 State Attorney General, 1 US Senator & 2 Governors.

Amanda’s fiscal knowledge is critical to her job.  She is responsible for managing tens of millions of dollars in campaign budgets, effectively and efficiently allocating them and accounting for every dollar spent.  She will bring this same level of commitment to managing tax dollars that contribute to our local government.