From the Candidate

  “I am a lifelong resident of District 5 and know that the areas of concern in our community including but not limited to public safety, education, and our economy. In order to address these important issues, District 5 needs strong, responsive and unwavering leadership. The 5th District needs someone who is willing to make hard decisions, stand firm on commitments made and be your advocate.

As a working mother and wife, I enjoy both my career and the opportunity to give back to the county that I call home. My children are the fourth generation to call the 5th District their home.  I am not a career politician, but an everyday citizen who made the decision to run for office in 2018, when our district needed the strong, reasonable, hands-on leadership I could provide because I have a true passion for the people that have been part of our community since I was a child.  This passion drives my interactions in all discussion, to be both respectful of our differences while working towards our shared goals.

In my spare time, I volunteer on several committees at our local hospital, and our area school PTO.  My largest contribution to the county, has been serving as the elected representative for District 5 since November of 2018.  It is truly an honor, and one that I never take for granted.

Since taking office I have fought against every single tax increase and worked hard to find cost savings so that you keep more of your hard-earned money.  I have passed legislation to give our veterans and public safety officers tax credits and cut the tax burden for all county families.  I have proudly championed for small business owners whose businesses are the backbone of our economy, and part of the fabric of our neighborhoods.  I have been unwavering in my support of law enforcement, and public safety officials, who make sacrifices every day that they go to work in order to keep the residents of our county safe.  I committed to increased transparency and regulations with development, and I continue to fulfill that commitment by introducing and supporting legislation that does just that. 

In my term, I have worked tirelessly on the many issues our families and businesses have faced. The work I have done alongside wonderful men, women and children has proven that good government is possible when you remain focused on the commitments made.  Looking forward, I hope to do even more for our county.  I see an opportunity for progress in future years working together to solve the issues, not letting our differences break us down.  I hope you will support me in making our vision a reality.

I look forward to hearing concerns and working on solutions.  Every voice matters.  Every voice counts.  Leadership is hard work, and I am prepared to continue the job I started when you elected me in 2018.  

I am committed to this county and the families and individuals who live and work here.”