From the Candidate

“As a lifelong resident of District 5, I know  that there are many areas of concern in our community including but not limited to public safety, development, taxes and education. In order to address these important issues, District 5 needs strong, responsive and unwavering leadership. The 5th District needs someone who is willing to make hard decisions and be their advocate.


As a working mother and wife, I enjoy both my career and the opportunity to give back to the community that I call home. From working with our local hospital to grow and support a self sufficient blood unit, to advocating for education and testifying on the County budget.  I have taken great joy in seeing what can be accomplished when voices are heard, plans are put into action and positive change is effected.  When others sit down in defeat, I stand up and fight.  When I see an opportunity for change, I step in.


In the past 4 years I have testified and advocated before our County Council, Board of Education, and Delegates on numerous matters.  I have used my voice to be the voice of many families in our District. The work I have done alongside wonderful men, women and children has proven that every voice makes a difference.  Looking forward, I hope to do even more for our County.  I see an opportunity for change in the District 5 seat, and I hope you will support me in making our vision a reality.


I look forward to hearing concerns and working on solutions.  Every voice matters.  Every voice counts.  Leadership is hard work and I am prepared to get the job done.  I am committed to this County and the families and individuals who live and work here.”