Taxes & Fees

I believe the voters in Anne Arundel County have spoken and desire to keep tax rates from increasing. I supports county residents keeping their hard earned money in their pockets where it belongs, and not being used as a bailout for misspending. It is also important to me that County residents not pay for unnecessary fees at every turn.  I will not vote to increase your taxes because I believe that government should live within its means and not put the burden on you.

Fiscal Growth

There are many aspects to supporting and growing fiscally. I understand that the growth of the small business sector is an important part of overall fiscal growth. Strong school system, desirable communities, and smart investments also play a crucial part.  I will work with the administration to continue to cut through the red tape that slows our permit process for small businesses.    

Development & Infrastructure

I support a transparent approach to growth in our County, that involves close evaluation of the General Development Plan, opportunities for public input and oversight.  We must consider our current infrastructure (public facilities and roads), the long term plan and preserving the characteristics and charm of our existing communities.  I will work hard to make this process more inclusive for affected residents.  I will work collaboratively with communities, property owners and developers to ensure that growth is only permitted if the infrastructure is in place.  It is essential that we protect the unique aspects of our communities and fight to avoid a saturation of remaining forested land.

Public Safety

Safety of citizens is a top priority of mine.  Recruiting and retaining dedicated young men and women is crucial to public safety. Like many residents, I am concerned and alarmed by the increasing opioid epidemic that is taking the lives of residents at a staggering rate. Public safety and this growing crisis go hand in hand at times. The opioid epidemic is more than just an addiction issue. It is also a public safety and mental health issue, that has become something our first responders deal with on a daily basis.  I support measures that give those facing addiction the resources they need to begin recovery.  I also support tougher penalties for dealers who are responsible for putting these drugs on our streets.


As a product of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, I believe strongly in supporting our school system. The Beacon study shows that a strong school system leads to increased property value, increase in local job opportunities, and decrease in spending associated with crime. It is my belief  that recruiting and retaining talented educators, and ensuring the growth and safety of our school infrastructure are important to the future of our County.